Education for Development

#UnDíaenTuvida: Food Sovereignty in Kolda (Senegal)

Un Día en Tu Vida


Food Sovereignty is a concept established in 1996 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which defines the right of people to own their policies and sustainable strategies for the production, distribution and food consumption based on small and medium production.

This FS project was launched by AIDA and MJPI and was (and is) a step forward to improve the food and nutritional situation of tens of families in South Kolda. This is one of the most isolated regions, with the highest rate of chronic malnutrition and the lowest income in Senegal, in which AIDA has launched several initiatives to increase production through community vegetable gardens.


This remarkable project was further enhanced by their focus on supporting the most vulnerable groups within the Kolda community: peasant women and their children and repatriated emigrants.

Within the global Development Cooperation project developed, our role as Social Agency in TanakaLab, was to coordinate and execute the Education for Development initiative that would raise awareness of this specific matter.


#undiaentuvida was born to juxtapose the obvious privileges differences between the north and south realities without judging, allowing the viewer to empathize by looking for those subtle similarities. The project consists of a series of videos featured on an open YouTube channel that depicts the reality of children between the ages of 9 and 12 from Kolda and Segovia.

The project was divided into different phases. In the first stage, thanks to the great work of  Violeta Aguado, AIDA’s volunteer, we could easily coordinate her work with the Kolda Primary School’s children. Together with the people on site, we handed out cameras and mobile phones for them to roll in first-hand the authentic and honest day in their lives with their families and friends.

In the second phase, we mirror the same process in Segovia, adding a series of recording and editing training for the kids and teachers from various Segovian Primary Schools. Throughout the day, they reflected and rolled on their daily reality, specifically regarding food, covering a wide range of aspects of their lives from dawn to dusk.

To finish the process, we shape a polish the final videos with our team of collaborators and will record and edit a final conceptual video to express the overall idea. To conclude, it was certainly eye-opening to observe the similarities between the spontaneity and freedom of kids living very different lives in the first videos.

What’s Next?

The idea behind YouTube channel creation is to keep feeding the project, making #undiaentuvida open and grow, adding more days of more 9-years-kids- lives from different countries and, above all, different realities that leave their blueprint on us. If you want to get involved, write to us at, and we will get back to you with all information.