The Missing City Stars: Audiovisual Worshops

We collaborate with The Missing City Stars in one of their social film projects. a non-profit association that gives visibility to the marginal outskirts neighbourhoods of Barcelona by ​​recording and editing documentaries while training and telling the story of its people.


This time the film will highlight Baró de Viver, creating a documentary called Baro de Viver, a neighbourhood of those who no longer remain, directed by Oriol Porta.

Around 1936, the Housing Board built Baró de Viver near Sant Andreu to accommodate all displaced people of the time. This situation repeatedly arose in the 50s with new waves of immigration. Despite the Special Interior Reform Plan of 1985, the neighbourhood continues to struggle with crime, unemployment, and a lack of economic development 30 years later.

The purpose of this film was to share the positive characteristics of living in this proud yet humble neighbourhood by bringing together four key community members with Oriol Porta through TMCS. Moreover, following the standard TMCS workflow, a variety of workshops were presented to approximately 15 people from the community of all ages about the phases of a documentary exercise.

We want the world we live in to be human. We believe that our focus on documentary filmmaking can build bridges that will get us there, breaking down prejudice and creating change. TMCS team

We taught The Art Direction for Cinema Workshop. For us, sharing the stage with such committed neighbours of Baró de Viver was a terrific rewarding experience. It was truly inspiring to see how diverse people of all ages and profiles seemed like genuine professionals asking questions and applying the techniques they had learnt. Our shared ideals, concerns, and ways of seeing the world and doing things always make us want to return to this wonderful project.